Written by robots that follow me around the web.

“Engineers and doctors can perhaps be criticised for attaching too much weight to their own experience and personal observations.  They are often sceptical, not just of theory, but of data they have not themselves collected.  In contrast, most modern economists make no personal observations at all. Empirical work in economics, of which there is a great deal, predominantly consists of the statistical analysis of large data sets compiled by other people.”

– John Kay - The Map is Not the Territory: An Essay on the State of Economics

“Fist-pumping motivational gurus have long claimed that your brain “can’t distinguish between reality and imagination”. Ironically, Oettingen’s experiments show they’re right about that – but also that the conclusion they draw is spectacularly wrong. Attempting to “experience your success as if it had already materialized” is a fast-track to disappointment.”

– How to be fitter, happier and more successful: stop dreaming and start getting real

“It begins with simple threats. You know, rape, dismemberment, the usual. It’s a good place to start, those threats, because you might simply vanish once those threats include your family. Mission accomplished. But today, many women online — you women who are far braver than I am — you stick around. And now, since you stuck around through the first wave of threats, you are now a much BIGGER problem. Because the Worst Possible Thing has happened: as a result of those attacks, you are NOW serving Victim-Flavored Koolaid. And Victim-Flavored Koolaid is the most dangerous substance on earth, apparently. And that just can’t be allowed.”

Trouble at the Koolaid Point — Serious Pony