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“The new logic of officialdom requires men and women—or, again, boys and girls—to organize “human resources” around setting and meeting corporate goals, which are as likely to prioritize the symbolic performance of identity as they are the pursuit of profit.”

The New Social Divide Within The Pink Police State

“You look insane — your white mask, your monkey bra, your noise-canceling headphones, but it doesn’t matter. You are satiated, filled with nourishing food; you have gotten your work done, and now you float in a personal outer space.”

Let’s fly — The Message — Medium

Trevor Timm: “Daniel Ellsberg, people say that Snowden should have been ‘more like you’, how does that make you feel? […] Secretary of State, John Kerry, said that you were a hero but Ed was not.”

Ellsberg: “Well, this bullshit started with Barack Obama [loud laughter].. when someone asked Obama about Manning, and said didn’t Manning do what Ellsberg did? Obama said “ellsberg’s material was classified in a “different manner”.  That’s true, but in the wrong direction — everything I did was top secret or higher, vs. secret or less!” The person asking the question didn’t pursue that.Earlier I would have siad it doesn’t dserve to be put out, until you see what it says: it’s evidence of criminality!

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